“Visitors of the Night” part of FULL HOUSE Collection, Mu.ZEE Ostend, 2024

An van Dienderen Fellow at the Bogliasco Foundation, 2024

Interview with Streaming Platform True Story, 2024

Review “PRISM” in The Guardian, 2024

Boekentip in De Morgen, 2024

PRISM in MUCEM, Marseille, 2023

Q&A with Trinh Minh-ha at Courtisane, Ghent, 2023

“PRISM” wins the prize for Best Documentary at Black Star Festival (Ghana), 2023

“PRISM” nominated for the Werbner Award for Visual Anthropology at RAI Film Festival (UK), 2023

“PRISM” selected for the international competition at Arkipel, Jakarta, 2022

“PRISM” in Vilnius newspaper, 2022

“PRISM” in MO Museum, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2022

An van. Dienderen in conversation with Musquiqui Chihying in Wiels, 2022

“PRISM” screened twice at IndieLisboa, 2022

“PRISM” screened at E Tuda Verdade, Documentary Festival Bresil, 2022

Bjorn Gabriels over “PRISM” in Apache, 2022

CPH:DOX organises a talk around “PRISM”, 2022

“PRISM” at Cinéma du Réel, Paris, 2022

“PRISM” at Cinéma du Réel, Centre Pompidou, Paris,, 2022

“PRISM”, European premiere at CPH:DOX Copenhague, 2022

“PRISM” is selected as one of the best films in 2021, says Women and Hollywood, 2021

Interview with Rosine Mbakam and An van. Dienderen in Onrust, 2022

“PRISM” recommended by Educational Media Reviews Online, 2021

“PRISM” at MoMa, New York, 2022

“PRISM” at The Cinematèque in Vancouver, Canada, 2022

Interview met Rosine Mbakam & An van. Dienderen op Pompidou, Klara, 2021

Inspiratie door “Tu ne verras pas Verapaz” voor Verapaz-brug in Gent, 2022

“PRISM” screened at the Pacific Film Archive at Berkeley, 2021

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“PRISM” in Light Box Film Center, Philadelphia, 2021

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“PRISM” starts its theatrical tour in the USA, 2021

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“Patrasche a dog of Flanders” in Knack, 2019

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Part of “Metalogues”, Exposition at Headlands Center for the Arts, SF, 2018

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“Visitors of the Night” in Contemporary Art Centre (CAC) in Vilnius, 2016

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“Patrasche a dog of Flanders” DVD van de maand, Filmmagie, 2008

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