Interview at FID Marseille for “Cherry Blossoms”, 2014

In 2014 ‘Cherry Blossoms’ was selected at FID Marseille. On that occasion An van. Dienderen was interviewed by Radio Grenouille together with Gilles Grand and Jane Gillooly.

In ‘Cherry Blossoms’ a translator sits at night alone in a translation booth at the European Parliament. Old images of Sydney Pollack’s last feature-length film, The Interpreter (2005) filmed at the United Nations, come to mind. In an interview he hinted that this type of building reduced camera locations. A progressive shift from ear to eye, forsaken in a gigantic European building in Brussels, translator Carly Wijs allows herself to be captivated by the temperament of Japanese youths. In this normed context, a passing humanity surfaces.

(Source: Gilles Grand, Fid Marseille)