Collective film by
Rosine Mbakam, Eléonore Yameogo and An van. Dienderen
Effi Weiss
Natalie Gielen
Beursschouwburg, KASK & Conservatorium School of Arts Ghent, Argos, Museum Dr. Guislain, Courtisane, LUX, Videonale
Funded by
VAF - FilmFund in Flanders, Africalia, De Stad Gent
Winter 2020 - Beursschouwburg Brussels

PRISM departs from the perspective that the photographic media are technologically and ideologically biased, favoring Caucasian skin. Such white-centricity means that the photographic media assume, privilege and construct whiteness. The film deals with the impact of light on skin colour and how it sets in motion the atmosphere, the sensuality, the intensity ànd the limitations of the technology. For PRISM An van. Dienderen invited Rosine Mbakam and Eléonore Yameogo to work together on a film in which the differences in their skin color serves as a departure to explore their different experiences with the biased limitations of the medium. Their different filmic gestures create a Gesamtkunstwerk in which their distinctive approaches unite, offering a varied palimpsest of reactions and explorations of the relation between skin and cinematography.