Natalie Gielen
Beursschouwburg, KASK & Conservatorium, Argos, Museum Dr. Guislain, Courtisane
Funded by
VAF - FilmFund in Flanders, Africalia
June 2019 - Beursschouwburg Brussels

PRISM deals with the impact of light on a scene and how it sets in motion the atmosphere, the sensuality, the intensity ànd the limitations of the technology. The film departs from the perspective that the photographic media are technologically and ideologically biased, favoring Caucasian skin. Such white-centricity means that the photographic media assume, privilege and construct whiteness. For PRISM I am interested in the manners and ways that colored film makers address this issue and how they tweak around the limitations of the medium. PRISM uses therefore the system of “cadavre exquis” (“exquisite corpse”), the surrealist collective game that was invented in 1925 by Marcel Duhamel, Jacques Prévert and Yves Tanguy to enhance subconscious and playful collective art creation.  I film one scene and will send out this scene to several colored filmmakers and ask them to continue the film with their scenes.